130th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade

The MEB is a tailored combined arms force with a headquarters staff designed to plan and execute protection, movement and maneuver, and sustainment tasks. It uses its subordinate units within their specialties to conduct maneuver support operations in its area of operations (AO) and within the broader AO of the organization it supports. The MEB provides added security and defense for other units and enhances freedom of action for the supported higher command. Typically, but not exclusively, the MEB is composed of engineer, military police, chemical, air defense, and other units that routinely function together during protection, stability, and support operations.

130th MEB Battalions

105th Military Police BN, Asheville

(984) 661-4313


105th Engineer BN, Raeford

(984) 661-2261


505th Engineer BN, Gastonia

(984) 661-1083


109th Military Police BN, Kinston

(984) 661-5807


HHC 130th MEB, Charlotte

(984) 661-4524


295th Signal Support Co, Mooresville

(984) 661-1787


578th FEST, Charlotte

(984) 661-4549


MCPOD, Fort Bragg

(901) 908-2453



Col. Jerry E. Baird Jr.        



Command Sergeant Major

Command Sgt. Maj. James B. Hummel