Logo of Camp Butner Training center

Camp Butner Training Center provides well maintained small arms ranges and training facilities year-round in order to support the mission of the NCNG by training Soldiers, Airmen, DoD Agencies, Civil Authorities, and Civilian Marksmanship Programs.      

Camp Butner assists our customer units with scheduling the right facilities for the training they wish to conduct; properly orients units to the training site, ranges and facilities; ensures facilities are maintained for current and future use; continues to grow the number and type of training opportunities; and above all ensures safe operation of the training site.

Camp Butner is located at 539 Roberts Chapel Road Stem, NC 27581 in the northern piedmont of North Carolina and consists of approximately 5,100 acres. An average of over 100,000 rounds are fired per year, 60% by National Guard members, 276% Active duty and 17% by civilian and other trainees. 

Training Facilities

  • Nine Firing Ranges from 9mm to 7.62mm
  • Practice M203/M320 Range
  • Practice Hand Grenade Range
  • Urban Training Area(Phase I)
  • Engagement Skill Trainer (EST II), Heavy & Light
  • 3 HMMWV Rollover Trainers (HEAT)
  • Virtual Convoy Operations Trainer (VCOT)
  • CBRN Training Area
  • Land Navigation Course
  • HELO Familiarization Areas and Helipads
  • Confidence Obstacle Course
  • Rappelling Tower
  • Mock POW Camp
  • Billeting for 350 soldiers
  • Bivouac Areas
  • 4 Kitchen Areas
  • 2 Classrooms
  • DL Lab

Events Hosted

  • MAC III Regional Matches
  • NCNG Best Warrior Competition
  • Eastern Region Best Warrior Competition
  • Adjutant General’s Invitational Pistol Match
  • Civilian Marksmanship Program
  • Sinclair International Long Range Match
  • Eastern Junior Long Range Championships
  • N.C. State Pistol Championship Match 
  • N.C. State Long Range Rifle Championship Match
  • Adjutant General’s
    • Combat Pistol Match
    • Combat Rifle Match
    • Sniper Rifle Match

Contact and Scheduling

Range Ops NCOIC

Sgt. 1st Class James Paris 


Range Scheduler

Sgt. 1st Class William Crabtree



SSG Watson


Billing NCO

Staff Sgt. Derek Speed



Staff Sgt. Chris Ferguson





Garrison Commander

Lt. Col. Kent Caldwell

Garrison Command Sgt. Major

Command Sgt. Major Billy Greene