The Public Affairs Office disseminates command information directly in line with the strategic plan of the current NCNG leadership as outlined below. This directs all communication efforts to incorporate the primary themes of People First, Readiness and Modernization.


On Order, the North Carolina National Guard deploys military capabilities, in support of State and/or National Authorities, in order to protect the lives and properties of fellow Citizens, defend the State and Nation, and secure our American way of life


The North Carolina National Guard (NCNG) strives to be a Ready, Reliable, Responsive and Relevant force for our Nation and State.  

People First

Create an inclusive, engaging, and supportive environment where every Service Member can achieve their full potential. Our people are the essential element of our organization. Our Soldiers, Airmen, Civilian workforce, Family members, retirees, and veterans help sustain the readiness required to deliver Ready personnel and units. 


Readiness is paramount to success.  Individually Ready Soldiers and Airmen build Ready units, which support our Federal and State Missions. Units must build proficiency at the platoon and flight levels to allow the NCNG to fight and win in an increasingly competitive, dynamic, and changing environment. 


Employing modern and interoperable equipment systems and processes that are deployable, sustainable, and overmatch current and future threats supports Modernization. Modernizing equipment keeps the NCNG as a Strategic and Operational Reserve of the Joint Force. 

Unit Level Responsibilities 

Individual Readiness (Deployable Soldiers and Airmen): 

  • Mentally (family / finances / focus), medically, and physically ready 
  • DMOS-Q / DAFSC-Q with Professional Military Education level for their grade 
  • Create open lines of communication 

Equipment Readiness: 

  • Maintain 100% Property Accountability at all levels 
  • Conduct Individual and Unit Level Maintenance to standard  
  • Report accurate Equipment Readiness  

Collective Training Readiness (Unit Level):  

  • Increase training rigor (intensity / realism) – Deploy and Operate 
  • Build proficiency to Platoon / Squadron level 
  • Enforce the 8-Step Training Model at company level (Army) 

Citizen Soldiers and Airmen Responsibilities 

I will strive to be medically and physically ready, accountable for my equipment, and a loyal, competent teammate in my unit.