CSRF Penetration Testing

The Penetration Testing Division simulates tactics, techniques, and procedures used by malicious actors to attempt to compromise agency security.

  • Utilizes exploitation to display risk
  • Active attempts to enter the network
  • Trusted agent model to test security response procedures
  • Comprehensive technical report along with executive out brief
  • One person on site, the rest is done remote
  • Scheduled for two weeks

Penetration Testing Services

Penetration (Internal/External)

  • Secure Remote Connection / Access Port(2) on Switch w/ IP assignments
  • Remote IP Ranges provided to Trusted Agent

Web Application / Application Program Interface (API)

  • Non-credentialed / Credentialed (optional)


  • In-range of agency
  • Rogue AP Detection

Phishing Emails

  • 2 Phases
  • Guardrails