Logo of Joint Cyber Security Task Force

CSRF Mission

Conduct Defensive Cyberspace operations to support mission requirements as directed by The Adjutant General or Governor.

Federal Mission

  • Provide Defensive Cyberspace Operations capabilities on DODIN and supporting Critical Infrastructure

State Missions

  • Provide cyber security assistance to State, Local, and Critical Infrastructure providers

The Cyber Hygiene Cycle

A cyber hygiene cycle of Assessment, Remediation, Penetration Testing and Remediation


  • Assessment of information security program, environmental factors, and technical area review
  • Purpose is to identify potential gaps in coverage as well as provide baseline of improvement recommendations
  • Conducted using industry best practices and DOD Security Technical Implementation Guidelines (STIGs)
  • Output is comprehensive report outlining vulnerabilities and recommended solutions


  • Utilize assessment report to prioritize and address vulnerabilities
  • Determine acceptable risk levels and document risk mitigation strategy
  • Develop internal processes, policies and procedures to improve security posture
  • Leverage report to determine additional resource requirements

Penetration Testing

  • Validate the steps taken during remediation to ensure appropriate resolution
  • Identify additional areas of concern including user awareness and network monitoring capability
  • Output is comprehensive report detailing actions taken and recommended solutions


  • Address vulnerabilities outlined in penetration testing report
  • Identify additional risk acceptance and document mitigation strategy
  • Evaluate processes, policies, and procedures to ensure comprehensive coverage
  • Leverage report to determine additional resource requirements

Proactive Lines of Effort

Cyber Hygiene Assessment

Penetration Testing

Continuous Monitoring

Training and Outreach

Reactive Lines of Efforts

Cyber Incident Response

Digital Forensics